Supply of fresh vegetables and fruits

Discover the taste of freshness with Hussein AlKhair. We are dedicated to delivering a wide range of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits to your door. Our produce is carefully sourced from local farmers, guaranteeing quality and flavour.

Fresh / Frozen Meat,Chicken and Fish

We offer a wide selection of fresh and frozen chicken, fish, and meat. Our products are sourced from reputable suppliers and fisheries to ensure exceptional taste and quality.

Cereals, Pulses, Canned Foods

We prioritise sourcing the finest ingredients to bring you nutritious options that contribute to your well-being. Our convenient canned foods make meal preparation a breeze, offering delicious flavours without compromising on nutrition. With our dedicated team and commitment to customer satisfaction, choose us as your trusted supplier and enjoy a healthy and flavorful culinary experience.

Cleaning items

We offer a comprehensive selection of household and commercial cleaners, including disinfectants, multipurpose solutions, and specialised products. Our commitment to quality ensures that each item meets the highest standards of effectiveness and reliability. Let us be your trusted supplier for all your cleaning needs, providing you with exceptional service and helping you achieve a pristine and sanitised environment.

Our Clients